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Office 365

Office 365 is a productivity suite for business customers. Depending on the package, it includes desktop Office applications like Word and Excel.

It also includes the online way of using those well-known applications, in these cases you can edit documents or run PowerPoint from the browser from any computer where you log in. Office 365 has huge 1TB online storage per user, this way you can extend your storage capacity and have security backups well beyond your laptop. Last but not least Office 365 has a powerful email and calendar service which had only been available to large organizations before.

we offer packages

Business Essential, Business, Business Premium, Enterprise E1 and E3 as base packages. Exchange Email Archiving as add-on service

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Vehicle Tracking Solution

A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations.

Machine-to-machine(M2M) applications now go beyond just monitoring the status of remote assets and equipment. They can now gather real-time data from millions of connected machines, such as Smart Meters, ATMs, Health Monitoring device sand vending machines–and convert it into vital information that results in quick decisions, automated actions and strategic analytics.With Etisalat’s M2M Control Center you can now manage your connected M2M deployments with complete ease and control. Our hosted and secure platform delivers authentication, real time usage and management of your M2M connected devices.

Once you have deployed
it offers deep visibility

  • - The Devices list provides a real-time snapshot of all the SIMs you own.
  • - You can see which devices that are in session at this very moment.
  • - You can see them come online in real time when the SIM Status changes.
  • - View Month to Date Usage the amount of data the SIM has used so far in the current billing cycle.
  • - You can easily make real-time changes to either SIM Status or Rate Plan.
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Messaging System (A2P)

Bulk SMS

2 Way SMS

SMS Gateway

Email 2 SMS

Person to Person messaging (P2P) is defined as two-way SMS or MMS messaging. For example, anonymous conversations between two users, surveys and group messaging are considered to be P2P messaging.

Message manager has brought about the easiest and fastest application to manage your SMS as well as the MMS campaigns through different types of clients.
1.Provisioning & management of SMS Application for operating the service , in line with Etisalat specifications& requirements.
2.Making available public IP addresses at the site where SMS application will be hosted. In case public IP addresses are not available , additional services will have to be subscribed by customer.
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Cloud Virtual Machine & Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Etisalat One-Cloud offers a wide range of cloud solutions designed to satisfy the security, performance and data location needs of UAE SME. This end-to-end managed cloud solution includes infrastructure-as-a-service, managed security services, managed backup, managed applications and managed disaster recovery services.

we provide

  • - Pre-packaged Cloud Server sizes (E1-E13)
  • - Pre-packaged storage sizes (S1-S8)
  • - All cloud servers are secured with firewall and anti-virus with customized rules
  • - Standard file backup policy included
  • - Cloud Backup @ AED 0.23 per GB

More details on the packages

  • - All Virtual Machines come with 1 Public IP
  • - Operating System licenses are provided by etisalat
  • - Service Level Availability of 99.9% is provided for the uptime of Operating System
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Data Center Hosting

Data Center Hosting is provided by a facility that stores and maintains servers and applications for clients. Data center hosting can help companies reduce capital expenditures and accelerate the implementation of technology with on-demand services.

we provide

Secure place & T3 data center

Redundancy on Power (2 cables coming from different rout, Battery room, UBS, dual generators)

Direct connectivity to the internet

Static IP address

Remote support - Remote hand

Server management

Fire suppression system

Access 24/7

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